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" 최상의 선생님은 당신이 마지막으로 저지른 실수. [Your best teacher is your last mistake.] "
- Ralph Nader
" It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless. "
- L.R. Knost   (via elige)

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" A flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. "

The Emperor of China. - 1998.

" 후회 따휜 없어, 널 없어. 난 기다릴 거라 생각하지마
I have no regrets, I have none. Don’t even think I’ll be waiting for you. "
- B.A.P Voicemail (via minjeongie)
" Our talents (will) never die. Our passion, spirit and music are all still alive! "
- Daesung (Extra Ordinary 20’s Photobok)

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Kim Soo Han Moo Geo Bukgi Wa Doo Roo Mi Sam Cheon Gab Sa Dong Bang Sark Chi Chi Ka Po Sa Ri Sa Ri Sen Ta Weo Ri Weo Ri Se BBu Ri Ka Moo Doo Sel La Goo Roomi Heo Ri Kae In Dam Byeo Rak Seo Sang Won eh Go Yang ee Ba Du Ki Neun Dol Dol ee…

김 수한무 거북이와 두루미 삼천갑자 동방삭 치치카포 사리사리센타 워리워리 세뿌리카 무두셀라 수름이 허리케인 담벼락 서생원에 고양이 바둑이는 돌돌이…

- Hyun bin as Kim Joo Won (via amasianbelle)
" There’s nothing wrong with being a Crow.
When you compare them to a poor caged birds that
have forgotten to fly, Crows are much better.
Being a Crow is good enough for me. "
- Crows Zero . (via amasianbelle)
" We are in a progressive mode because we constantly want to show you our passion on stage. "
- BIGBANG (Extra Ordinary 20’s Photobook)